An ongoing brute-force attack on WordPress-based websites has compromised more than 90,000 blogs, which begs the question how many users worldwide are currently lamenting not backing up their sites.

Backing up your WordPress site is a two-prong process. This means you’ll need to backup your database, that is, every post, every comment and every link on your site, as well as your files, which consist of you WordPress Core installation, plugins and themes, images and files, and a bunch of additional information you won’t want to disappear.

Essentially, all of your content and everything that shapes the look and feel of your WordPress site needs to be backed up. If you don’t invest in regular backups, you stand to lose everything you’ve taken the time (and money) to create online – and often that loss if due to circumstances beyond your control.

Whatever happened, you will get your site back and running by half an hour.