Our brains produce electrical impulses all the time. These currents of electricity or brainwaves are measured in amplitude (power) and frequency. The frequency is the speed of the brainwave, measured in cycles per second (CPS). The frequency determines the four categories of brainwaves, as well as your state of consciousness:

Many brainwave experts have concluded that the alpha brainwave level is the bridge’ to the subconscious theta level… that when you hear, see or feel anything while in this relaxed state, you remember it better and are influenced by it more…

There is a close relationship between the brain wave frequency and the mental state of an individual according to his/her consciousness. Therefore, the mental state changes when the brain wave frequency changes.

To be productive, it is better that the brain emits alpha wave frequency most of the time in our wakeful state.

It was believed that after reaching maturity the growth of the brain stopped completely. It was also believed that there is a continuous loss of brain cells as we advance in age, resulting in decreased intelligence and creativity among the elderly. Now studies have shown that with proper stimulation the brain can continue to grow, producing enhanced intelligence and better functioning even at the ripe old age of 90 years.

When we exercise, our blood circulates more quickly, increases blood flow to the brain, sending more oxygen to all parts of the body, especially to the brain. Research indicates that older humans who exercise score higher on tests of cognitive function than non-exercisers. Exercise infuses new life into the brain.

Note: Lack of physical & mental exercise, poor nutrition, stress, tension, tobacco or excessive alcohol use not only prevents our bodies from performing well, it also impairs the functioning of the brain.