If you are a graphic designer, you can run desktop imagery business online. If you have a large gallery of desktop images that you randomly display on your computer, then you can turn your talent into a profitable business. Many graphic designers are now making money for using their natural talents. Desktop imagery is something that everyone likes to use to help brighten up his or her computer.  So why not cash in on this opportunity?

You can set up a desktop imagery Web site where people can pay a monthly or annual membership to be able to enter a secure section of your site and download your hottest desktop images. You don’t even have to design all of the images yourself. You can partner with other graphic designers and sell their images on your site. You can give them a percentage of the revenue generated from your site memberships in accordance with the number of their images that have been downloaded.  It’s as easy as that! Moreover, this site provides you all free assistance.

If you need more advise to setup this business, please contact me at contact@starpdp.com