Turn What You Love Into Income
Have you ever thought to yourself,
“If I could only get paid to do what

I love?”
Maybe you can. In fact, that’s how
many entrepreneurs get started. But
you don’t have to be an entrepreneur
to want to make some extra
spending money. The bonus is doing something that you love!
Here are some steps to help you get started:
1. If you have more than one idea, start by imagining them and pick
the idea that brings the biggest smile to your face.
2. Next, do some research:
• Is there an obvious way to make income with what you love?
• Talk to other people with the same interest and see if there’s a
void that needs to be filled.
• Take a look at what’s in the market now and ask yourself if you
could that and/or do it better.
• Talk to a diverse group of people about your income producing
idea and ask if any of them would purchase something like that
from you.

Ask yourself what is the least expensive way to start that will still
provide greater value to potential customers.
3. Write down your goal or your mission statement. Include your
specialty or uniqueness that only you can bring to this product/
service. But keep it simple. For example – I will work part time
and would like to generate $300. My uniqueness is to provide
personalize service and offer customers buying my scented candles
a chance to join my weekly Yoga club at my house.
4. Consider your first 30 days a trial and error period, and be sure to
fully commit yourself to doing whatever it takes to be successful.
During this period assess how, where, why, who, what, when you
can improve, and make sure you can earn a reasonable profit for
your efforts.
5. You may also want to create a simple business plan (optional
for now). Include your goals, operational expenses, who
your customers are, marketing strategy, and an overview of
6. Nurture testimonials and word of mouth to attract new customers
and grow.
7. Keep asking your customers for their feedback and continue to
improve and learn.
The key is to keep it simple. You want to share your passion, avoid
wasting money, and earn some extra spending money. In the end, you
want to still love what you do while you gain some financial benefits.
You may be surprise to find yourself a budding entrepreneur, or you
may simply want to keep a good thing going.