If you do graphic design work, there is a huge market for your services through-out the world. You can generate revenue from the design of everything from signs and brochures to Web sites and corporate ads. The possibilities are endless. To promote your services, you could simply design a dynamite Web site that contains a portfolio of your work for visitors to see. This should contain your best work, because this is what your clients will judge your talent and professionalism against. Your Web site will basically be your online resume for potential business opportunities, so make sure you do a good job on the site design and layout!

How does it work? You simply have to develop a request form on your site. Here visitors can easily fill out their contact information and a brief description of the type of design work they would like to have you provide to them. You can then follow up on their service request via e-mail or telephone. This is a very easy way to run this type of business.

If you need more advise to setup this business, please contact me at contact@starpdp.com