Online transcript services are in high demand and they are not always easy to obtain. Did you ever listen to a radio talk show, TV news, TV talk show or important public meeting and notice that at the end they announce that written transcripts of the event are available? Then they tell you how to order. The big national networks and organizations use national transcript services, but who transcribes the smaller, yet not less important, local events? In most locales, the answer is no one!

There is a huge opportunity available here, especially for an Internet transcript service. You could make your services open to local radio and TV stations, and political, educational, business, and not-for-profit organizations that would offer a written transcript if they had such a service available to them. Because you are local, you can transcribe these programs and distribute them quickly and efficiently at a low price.

Most of your partners will provide the transcripts for free or at a very low cost in return for your service of handling all the requests and organizational duties associated with making them available—which they are required to do by law.

The cash comes in like this: When orders come in from the Web site, you simply send a copy of the transcript to the customer who has already included payment with the order. You keep a master copy of each transcript on file to fill future orders. Organizations frequently get calls weeks or months after an event has occurred to inquire about transcript availability.

You can even advertise and offer Internet e-mail service to speed delivery. The opportunities within the media industry are limitless if you employ a little imagination and market your services well to the right market.

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