The key to catching the attention of a potential employer and securing an interview for a job is to have a well written and well-designed resume. Although this may not seem that complicated, many people don’t know how to effectively write a resume, a cover letter, or a thank you letter. If you have good writing skills and know how to write effective resumes and business letters, this business opportunity could be perfect for you.

How do you operate this type of business? You can easily accept service requests via the Internet. In order for you to write a resume for a client, you will have to have accurate information regarding past education, work experience, and interests. You could obtain this information via e-mail, telephone, or a personal interview. You could develop a generic questionnaire that you send to your clients, asking them to provide you with all of the information that you need. It’s as easy as that.

To speed up the process, you could develop a database of resume design templates that you could easily complete with your client’s information. Similarly, you could develop a database of templates for cover letters and thank you letters. This would enable you to customize and complete a project for your client within hours.

Excellent writing skills and knowledge of effective resume writing techniques are necessary assets for operating this type of business.

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