Your life is your own. It is a gift from God or Heaven. What you do with this gift is up to you. It is your choice.

Now you want to change your life: to live a richer, more interesting, more successful life. This is entirely up to you. You need not wait for someone else to give you permission.

Achieving your aim.

One thing you must do: you must decide where you want to go. If you don’t know what kind of success you want, how will you know which path will take you there? And how will you know when have arrived?

This is where many people go wrong in life. They have no aim. They drift, rudderless on the sea of life. They are at the mercy of every wind, and every current. No wonder they never get anywhere!


Do you wish for a better job? More money? Promotion? Do you want to succeed at sport? Make friends? Influence people? Do you want to set up in business? Make a successful marriage?

Whatever your ambition, you must define it. You must keep it front of your eyes all the time.

For example, suppose you want a new house. First of all, you must decide exactly what kind of house you want. It is important to be specific about this. Instead of just saying to yourself: “It would be nice to have a new house.” You must decide how many rooms you want, the type of furniture, the district you want to live in, and so on until you sort out these details in your mind, your wish for a house is on more than a vague idea.


But as soon as you decide exactly what you want, you can work out how to get it! Then you can say to yourself: “I know exactly how much extra money I need to buy my dream house. From now on, I will submit all my actions to one test, does this move me towards my target, or not? Everything that moves me closer, I will do. Everything else, I will not do.

You may be thinking: “Oh, it’s all very well to talk. But I will never have enough money to buy my dream house. So why try?”

But now answer this question. Which attitude is more likely to get you the house? The one where you first decide on your goal, and then go straight for or the one where you give up before you start? Obvious, isn’t it?



Set aside at least 15 minutes at the end of each day for a quiet, thoughtful ‘interview’ with yourself. Review that progress you have made during the day: plan your campaign for the next day. Keep a private notebook. Use it to write down – completely frankly – all the days thoughts that come to you during your quiet 15 minutes at the day’s end. Do not show this book to anyone: you can only be completely frank if you know your private thoughts will be safe from other eyes.

Begin your private notebook with a written statement of your aims and ambitions in life, and how you intend to achieve them. Make no mistake: written plans are powerful. They will keep reminding you of your goal. They are the incentive you need to keep your enthusiasm bubbling till you achieve your aim.

To help you work out your own aims and ambitions, I have devised a simple list of questions. Think about each question carefully – then answer it with complete honesty. It will tell you things about yourself that you may never have realized before. Click on this link to get your FREE copy of Goal setting.