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Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ Mac event: How to watch on Nov. 10

Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ Mac event: How to watch on Nov. 10

apple one more thing

That line has a lot of history with Apple.


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Apple’s Macs are about to get a brain transplant. On Nov. 10, Apple is expected to announce its next generation of computers. And unlike the desktops and laptops it’s sold for the past 14 years, these new computers won’t be powered by a chip made by Intel. Instead, Apple will be using one similar to the chips that power the iPhone and iPad.

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While we know some things about Apple’s new Mac computers, including that they’ll be able to run iPhone and iPad apps, there are still a lot of questions. Among them, Apple hasn’t laid out exactly how fast its new chips are when compared to a comparable Intel-powered computer. Apple also hasn’t discussed what other changes it’ll make to its desktop and laptop computers, though it’s expected they’ll be more power efficient.

All told, Apple’s event promises to be interesting. It’s the third big product unveiling that Apple has held this fall. And it’s online due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. There have been more than 46.8 million confirmed cases of the virus worldwide and more than 1.2 million people have died from it. The event will also be coming just a week after the contentious 2020 US presidential election.

While the Mac will be a key product at Apple’s event, and likely what most people focus their attention on, the company may have other devices to show off. Those include new Apple-branded over-ear headphones called AirPods Studio, as well as the company’s long-rumored AirTags beacons to find your lost keys, among other things. And in a long-shot possibility, a smart headset, which Apple still hasn’t publicly discussed.

Apple’s online-only event follows the company’s announcements in September for its newest iPads, Apple Watches and Apple One subscription service, and in October for its HomePod Mini smart speaker and iPhone 12 series of handsets.

Apple’s online-only event will be on Nov. 10 at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. GMT, and Nov. 11 at 5 a.m. AEDT. (Sorry, Australia.)


You’ll be able to stream Apple’s event straight from the company’s website.

What we can expect

Apple’s digital events are fast-paced, but they are also packed with info. And expect high production values. For the HomePod Mini announcement, Apple built a multi-floor faux house. 

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