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Baby Yoda is the latest Google AR object you can add to your home

Baby Yoda is the latest Google AR object you can add to your home



If topping a Christmas tree with Baby Yoda isn’t your jam, Google has just served up a new way to bring the galaxy’s most-wanted baby into your home this holiday season. 

The search giant has added The Mandalorian’s breakout star to its growing repertoire of 3D search results ahead of the show’s season two finale on Friday.

Searching for either “Baby Yoda,” “Grogu,” or “The Child” on your phone will bring up the usual Knowledge Panel with a Wikipedia summary, but now you’ll see a label called “View in 3D.” Tap that and then click “View In Your Space” to conjure up the Child complete with blinking eyes and wiggling ears. Crank up the volume and you’ll even hear Grogu’s signature gurgling noises. 

Searching for things via Google Search and putting them in your home using AR has been possible since last year, but Google’s been making updates to its AR catalog in 2020, as part of its push to makes its search engine become an extension of augmented reality.

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In the spring, Google added anatomical, biological and NASA models to its collection of 3D objects, which joined a bunch of much-loved AR animals like tigers and cats. More recently Google also included dinosaurs, but Baby Yoda is probably the most far-flung addition yet, coming ahead of the Mandalorian’s season finale on Friday.

And that’s it! If you want to catch up with Grogu’s shenanigans on TV, check out our latest recap here. 

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