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BMW Definition CE04 is my electric cyberpunk pizza delivery dream scooter

BMW Definition CE04 is my electric cyberpunk pizza delivery dream scooter


“Uh, yeah, I have two pizzas here for a Johnny Silverhand?”


Most people are at least sort of aware that BMW makes stuff other than cars. In fact, the company got its start making motorcycles and has been turning out interesting, technologically advanced bikes for over a century — but did you also know that BMW Motorrad makes scooters?

That’s right, it does, and on Wednesday it unveiled an electric scooter concept that it’s calling “Definition CE04.” And based solely on the photos, I’d say that it has the potential to be the world’s greatest cyberpunk pizza delivery vehicle.

Now, among the many interesting features that BMW is hyping is the fact that the CE04 uses a skateboard-like chassis with the battery pack sitting under the rider’s feet. The motor is near the wheel, as you’d expect on a scooter. The lack of a fuel tank means that BMW is really able to slim the design down visually, and the result is pretty cool.


BMW is also debuting riding gear with the CE04 including a light-up parka with built-in phone charger.


Also exciting (but maybe a little distracting) is BMW’s decision to outfit the Definition CE04 with a 10.25-inch screen that will interface with the rider’s smartphone. Beyond that, BMW also envisions a collection of rider apparel that will look cool while on the scooter, provide safety and also be wearable off the vehicle without looking too goofy. If that sounds like gear that already exists, you’re not wrong, but BMW’s plan is to add lighting to the clothing to increase visibility and include an inductive wireless phone charger in the pocket of the jacket.

The reality is that, even though this is all conceptual, none of it is particularly “out there” and could seemingly be brought to production without too much fuss. I especially like the idea of the clothing with integrated lighting since I ride at night a lot and am paranoid about visibility. I also like the idea of an electric scooter — Vespa’s Elettrica is a more traditionally styled take on this — so given how good BMW is at this kind of thing, I bet its effort would be awesome.

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