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Chevy Bolt EUV shows off its interior for the first time

Chevy Bolt EUV shows off its interior for the first time

Chevy Bolt EUV teaser

Hopefully things will feel nicer in the Bolt EUV than in the current Bolt EV.


Get to know the letters EUV and what they stand for. For Chevrolet, they stand for “electric utility vehicle,” and they’re attached to the upcoming Chevy Bolt EUV. On Monday, the brand showed off the electric car’s interior for the first time while highlighting the Power Flow Screen feature.

While the Power Flow system isn’t all that game-changing in the grand scheme of things, this look at the interior is. Chevy’s been pretty secretive about the Bolt EUV, so we’ll take any look at the car we can. It’s probably safe to assume the refreshed Bolt EV will also gain a similar interior since the two will be closely related, and hopefully the cockpit will take a step in the upmarket direction. Right now, the Bolt EV’s interior is a little too cheap-feeling, in my opinion.

The teaser photo shows a digital dashboard flowing into a large touchscreen with the mentioned Power Flow Screen running. Compared with the standard Bolt EV today, it looks like designers cleaned up the center stack and removed buttons, or organized them differently below. Crucially, it looks like a few physical knobs and dials remain. It also appears the screen doesn’t jut downward as much as the Bolt EV version’s. That might open up a little more storage space, perhaps. 

A bigger Bolt? Probably.


Expect a new digital gauge cluster with lots of information available to drivers, too, but the photo keeps the goods out of frame. I can already tell it’s quite different, however. The Bolt EV right now has a big white gauge dial in the middle, but the blurry look at this seems to show off something a little more akin to what’s in the final version of the Chevy Volt.

As for the exterior, we’ve already seen one dark look at the Bolt EUV that absolutely supports the idea that this will be a beefier Bolt EV, but we’ll have to wait until Chevy’s ready to share more. Both the EUV and the refreshed Bolt EV will go into production next summer, so a debut is likely coming quite soon.

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