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Christmas Vacation gets Ford Mustang Mach-E twist for SNL

Christmas Vacation gets Ford Mustang Mach-E twist for SNL

It looks like the Griswolds traded their Ford Taurus wagon for something a little more modern: a Ford Mustang Mach-E. In a new commercial skit Ford revealed on Monday ahead of its debut during Saturday Night Live, Clark and Ellen return with a new co-star in Ford’s first electric car.

The scene revolves around the famous Christmas Vacation scene where Chevy Chase’s Clark has a little trouble working the absurd number of Christmas lights strung on the family’s suburban Chicago home. Beverly D’Angelo, as Ellen, walks away to unknowingly flick the right switch on, but this leads to a different problem.

Unimpressed by Clark’s masterpiece of electric light, the Griswold family is instead drawn to the Mustang Mach-E and we’re treated to some quips as they gather round the electric SUV. I’m not entirely sure what plugging the car in has to do with the process, but it emphasizes Ford’s latest Mustang doesn’t take a drop of gasoline.

Ford plans to air it during the SNL Christmas Special set to debut Dec. 22, but you can watch it now in the video right up above.

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