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Disney Plus event: Every MCU show and movie we hope to hear about Thursday

Disney Plus event: Every MCU show and movie we hope to hear about Thursday


Marvel Studios

This Thursday is Disney’s Investor Day 2020 and excited fans are set to get a peek behind the curtain at the future of Disney Plus in an epic four-hour presentation. While we have our fingers crossed we’ll hear more about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the platform, or potential news on upcoming Star Wars shows, the exact rundown of what’s to come is kept under wraps — leaving us free to speculate and make some educated guesses. 

In 2020 Disney and Marvel gave us a break from the MCU after the heartbreak of Avengers: Endgame, so we’re hoping for first looks, casting news and more information on when Phase 4 will truly begin (and the presumed multiverse it’ll bring). As with all things Marvel, we expect announcements related to the MCU to either be plentiful and speedy, or a mere mention. Disney usually reveals broader details at its own tentpole events (like D23 last year). 

From most likely to least, here’s everything we hope to see and hear about this week.


Marvel Studios

Black Widow on Disney+?

Regardless of whether it makes it to Disney Plus the same day as cinemas, we do expect Black Widow to get a mention on stage this week. Originally slated for a theatrical release in May, the question is when will it hit Disney’s streaming service? Strong “probably not the same day” vibes here, not just in light of the brewing WarnerMedia/HBO Max backlash, but because this film is expected to launch a new generation of Marvel stars with Florence Pugh playing Yelena Belova.

Some analysts do expect a handful of 2021 Disney movies to transition to the streamer, including Cruella, the 101 Dalmatians prequel starring Emma Stone that’s still set to open the week after Black Widow on May 28. Pixar’s Soul recently made the jump to Disney Plus and will be available to watch on Dec. 25, no $30 “Premier Access” charge necessary. 

WandaVision posters released cover multiple decades, the same ones we expect the 6-hour series to touch.

Marvel Studios

A second WandaVision trailer

We’ve had one, yes, but can we have another? 

With WandaVision set to launch in January 2021, we’re hopeful Thursday will provide a fresh look at the show. For the past few days, Marvel social media accounts have been sharing some suspiciously timely new posters of the series.

Bringing back the Scarlett Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany), little is known about the series other than it’s going to bring on the multiverse. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige confirmed that the series will directly set up 2022’s Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, with Olsen set to star alongside Benedict Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange. Feige also told EW the sitcom-esque series won’t rely on past Marvel films, potentially creating new fans. 

“If you haven’t seen any of them and just want to step into this weird thing because you love The Dick Van Dyke Show, it’s going to work. But if you’ve been tracking the 23 movies we’ve made and following along the stories into Phase 4, there’ll be a wealth of rewards waiting for you as it all unfolds.” 

Hearing more about the supporting cast would also be welcome. The series includes Kathryn Hahn as neighbor Agnes (though her reappearance in each of the decades already has us asking who she *really* is); Teyonah Parris as the grown version of Captain Marvel’s Monica Rambeau (aka Lt. Trouble); Kat Dennings returns as Darcy Lewis from Thor and its first sequel; and Randall Park is set to star as Jimmy Woo, the FBI agent from the Ant-Man movies.

Hawkeye first look 

News about the Hawkeye series coming this week was near-confirmed by Kate Bishop herself (Hailee Steinfeld) with this insta post last week: 

But really everything we know about the series is pretty minimal. We know the series will find its roots in the Matt Fraction comic book run and … that’s about it for confirmations. 

Since the show just began filming this month, we’re not expecting a teaser or even a first look, but we do expect cast announcements, likely just confirming the recent Variety report on new additions to the series. As a reminder, that report says the show added six cast members: Vera Farmiga as Kate Bishop’s mom, Fra Fee as villain Clown, Tony Dalton as Swordsman, Alaqua Cox as the deaf hero Echo, Zahn McClarnon as Echo’s father and Black Widow’s Pugh in her same film role.

Falcon & the Winter Soldier: Please, show us more

While The Falcon & the Winter Soldier was originally set to be the first Marvel series to launch on Disney Plus, we’ve still seen very little about it. In fact, here’s every bit we’ve seen so far, most of it from this year’s Super Bowl ad for Marvel on Disney Plus

Marvel Studios

And we know, shareholders have seen even more. reported at the time that multiple clips were shown:

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier footage opens with Bucky (Sebastian Stan) visiting Zemo (Daniel Brühl) in an elaborate prison. Zemo tries to activate Bucky’s Winter Soldier programming, which of course no longer works. Bucky reveals that he has come to see Zemo because someone has restarted the Super Soldier program.

The next clip shown is a rally with a heavy Americana theme (red, white, and blue decorations, cheerleaders, the works). An announcer is introducing the new Captain America to the world, and we see a figure with the shield standing backstage draped in silhouette.

An action-packed montage is then shown, which showcases the action stuntwork and battles that will take place in the series. This includes Zemo fighting in his Marvel Comics mask. As Bucky points out, the two men are not friends; they’re two guys who had a mutual friend (Steve Rogers) and now need to help one another.

Loki and his attitude

While some set photos appeared over the summer, we haven’t had any announcement (official or otherwise) that filming on Loki is completed. It’s safe to assume the pandemic forced production to rethink some things, but I’m willing to bet on at least a sneak peek — what remains to be seen is if it’s “stakeholder eyes-only” or release for public consumption.  

Tom Hiddleston is returning as the lead character, but even he revealed that this is an entirely different trickster than we’ve seen before (maybe in Endgame though…?). Perhaps as a result of Hiddleston’s continued involvement, the series has been one of the most anticipated upcoming Disney Plus shows, so even a new image would feel good for the internet. 


Why does this one get just a logo? Because this is all we’ve ever officially seen.


Shang-Chi and the Desire for new imagery

We know that Shang-Chi completed filming in October months ago thanks to Instagram posts from Samu Liu and director Destin Daniel Cretton, so it’s definitely possible the world gets a teaser this week. But is it likely? Not really. The Disney presentation is expected to focus on streaming shows and movies, so this is a stretch. 

But since the film is still set to release in July 2021, we’re still hoping to get a glimpse, or maybe even a short guest appearance from Liu or co-star Awkwafina). The hook could be as simple as “X days after it premieres in theaters, Shang-Chi will be exclusively available to stream on Disney Plus.” Boom. 

¿Que más? 

The short list of other unlikely but super welcome things we could see from Marvel on Disney Plus includes What If…? It’s entirely possible we get footage of the animated series, since that’s still expected on the platform next year. And there’s a chance we could hear about casting or expected release dates for She-Hulk, Moon Knight or Ms. Marvel

There’s always the possibility of new and exciting totally unseen announcements coming — never bet against Marvel there. But even if only a couple of things on our wishlist materialize on Thursday, it’ll be enough for fans until the Super Bowl, where we fully expect new looks at upcoming Marvel shows and movies.

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