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Facebook’s experimental iOS app is now available throughout the US

Facebook’s experimental iOS app is now available throughout the US is now available to all iOS users in the US.


Facebook on Wednesday said it’s making its experimental iOS app available for download to anyone in the US. The social media giant unveiled the app, which is based on bringing back the internet of the ’90s, in July. It’s the creation of Facebook’s experimental app team, New Product Experimentation, and is “a platform for freeform creative expression,” the company says.

“ was inspired by the raw and exploratory spirit of the early internet: manically-blinking GIFs, passionate guestbook entries and personal web pages devoted to niche interests,” Facebook said in a post. “With, you can create zine-like, freeform pages from your phone and share them on the web.”

Users can piece together their own collections of images, GIFs, shapes and text on blank canvases to showcase their interests and personalities. “In our limited beta,” Facebook says, “we’ve seen people create fan pages, guides, tributes, profiles, collages, recipes and more.” 

You can then share your creations online with a unique URL. You won’t need the app to view other people’s pages. But if you do have the app, you can browse people’s creations, and if you find bits you like, you can add those elements to your own. Those bits are linked between pages, making it easier to find other creators who’ve used the same element.

Users can download from the App Store, or can browse people’s creations via the site or Instagram account.

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