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GMC Hummer Edition 1 electric pickup so popular it might build more, report says

GMC Hummer Edition 1 electric pickup so popular it might build more, report says

More of these? Maybe.


The people were really into the GMC Hummer EV when the brand finally ripped the cloak off the electric pickup truck earlier this year. So much so that the Hummer EV Edition 1 trim sold out in 10 minutes. Now, GMC is reportedly thinking about building more of them due to overwhelming response.

According to dealer sources that spoke to the Detroit Free Press in a report last Tuesday, the brand told its dealer body it could make more of the Edition 1 trucks available. It’s not clear how many GMC plans to build when production kicks off next fall, but the fact the entire allotment sold out so quickly makes it easy to assume there won’t be many to start. GMC did not immediately return Roadshow’s request for comment on the possibility of a larger production run.

The Hummer EV will roll out to dealers and buyers in phases, and the Edition 1 is, as the name implies, the first of them all. In 2022, buyers will then be able to purchase a still well-equipped Hummer EV trim titled EV3X, and then in 2023 an EV2X trim will enter production. Four years from now, we’ll finally see the base Hummer EV enter production, unless GM accelerates the timeline at some point. It already pulled production forward for one EV: the Cadillac Lyriq.

Prices for the Edition 1 trim start at a whopping $112,595 including destination, which makes it the most expensive GM vehicle the automaker sells. Going down the trim lineup, the EV3X will start at $99,995, the EV2X will ring in at $89,995 and the base model will launch with a $79,995 price tag. Performance and capability notch a rung down with each trim, but that’s to be expected. Those that pony up six figures for the Edition 1 will be the owners of a 1,000-horsepower supertruck of sorts with an estimated range of 350 miles to a single charge.

If GMC rolls more of them out, you can be sure you’ll hear it here first.

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