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Google Doodle for New Year’s Day goes a little cuckoo

Google Doodle for New Year’s Day goes a little cuckoo

Hello, new year!


The end has come for 2020, a difficult year we’re not sorry to see go, and 2021 is now on the clock. In its traditional New Year’s style, Google created an animated Doodle to mark the final minutes of our old year and a follow-up Doodle to welcome the new year of 2021. At the center of the Google Doodle celebration is a cuckoo clock, and as we begin 2021, a very excited cuckoo.

Google typically rings in the new year with an animated animal. A year ago, it chose the familiar Froggy, the search giant’s weather frog, to welcome 2020. Perhaps Google actually saw into the future at the time, knowing that 2020 would be a toad of a year.

So it’s perhaps no surprise that Google has decided to return to the feathered friends of new years past. If you checked in during the revelry leading up to midnight, it should have been no mystery what awaited us with Google’s clock, all closed up but bouncing with anticipation. Why, you’d have to be cuckoo to miss it.

Google even alluded to how crazy 2020 has been, noting that “it’s been a cuckoo year,” but it’s also optimistic for a better one ahead for us all. “The countdown begins now, and when the clock strikes midnight a new year will spread its wings!” Google said in introducing its party host.

And then when the New Year’s Day doodle landed on its perch on Google’s search page, the tech titan and its winged emissary extended their exuberant well-wishes. “‘All the best for the new year,’ the cuckoo bird chirps for all to hear!”

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Goodbye to the tech we lost in 2020


You can also celebrate the new year by going to Google search and punching in the search term “New Year’s Day.” A confetti popper will shower your results.

While we celebrate surviving another trip around the sun, it’s also important to survive well into the near year. In years past, that meant not drinking and driving. While that’s still paramount, it’s also important to remember that this year’s challenges don’t fly away with the changing of the calendar. Stay close to the nest with your core flock, but if you do need to venture out, please remember to wear a mask.

Whatever you do, stay safe in 2021 – hopefully, a much better year for us all.

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