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Nerf takes aim at The Mandalorian with its latest Star Wars rifle

Nerf takes aim at The Mandalorian with its latest Star Wars rifle


The Nerf Amban Phase-pulse blaster rifle, based on The Mandalorian’s weapon, will ship next fall.


The Mandalorian has used plenty of awesome weapons and gadgets over his two seasons of adventure, but the Jawa-disintegrating Amban Phase-pulse blaster is among the most impressive. You’ll soon be able to take a foam-dart firing replica into your garden recreations of the Star Wars show’s battles, with Nerf’s version of the weapon.

The $120 toy is more than four feet long at 50.25 inches, and has light-up scope and classic Star Wars sounds if you insert two AAA batteries. To open fire like Mando himself, you load a dart, pull back the priming handle and pull the trigger.

It’ll be available to preorder from 1 p.m. PT Monday, and it’ll ship next fall — that should get it to you in time for the Disney Plus show’s third season. It’d also look pretty sweet paired with Hasbro’s wearable Black Series The Mandalorian electronic helmet, even if that costs $120 too.

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