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Nicolas Cage gets scholarly as host of History of Swear Words series on Netflix

Nicolas Cage gets scholarly as host of History of Swear Words series on Netflix


Actor Nicolas Cage delves deep into etymology with the new Netflix series History of Swear Words.


If you’ve ever wanted to watch actor Nicolas Cage talk about his favorite swear words, Netflix has you covered. Cage will host the upcoming series History of Swear Words, according to Variety. The series, which premieres on Jan. 5, uncovers the etymology of words that often are taboo to say in public. 

Watch Cage pontificate about one of the swear words he’ll be dissecting in the show’s new trailer, which dropped on Wednesday.

“It is a thing of great wonder and mystery, quivering with great strength and resilience,” Cage said while dressed in a suit and painting on a canvas in the new Netflix trailer. “However, buried within, a delicate femininity; and dare I even say naughtiness. Look one way and you see a gentile feline innocence. Look another way and … oh my!”

Can you guess which curse word Cage is describing?

History of Swear Words will be comprised of six 20-minute episodes that examine the origins and use of words commonly viewed as offensive.

Cage will also get expertise from people including historians and language experts. Comedian guest stars such as Nikki Glaser, Jim Jefferies, Nick Offerman and Sarah Silverman will also stop by to keep Cage company.

In addition to History of Swear Words, Cage will portray Tiger King eccentric Joe Exotic (which we eerily predicted) in an upcoming scripted series. It will be the first time Cage will be a lead character in a scripted TV series in his five-decade career as an actor. 

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