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Samsung opens preorder reservations for Galaxy S21

Samsung opens preorder reservations for Galaxy S21



You can now get in line (virtually) for Samsung’s next Galaxy smartphone. Samsung has started taking reservations for preorders for its next flagship phone, expected to be the Galaxy S21. While the phone hasn’t officially been announced, Samsung hinted earlier this month that it’ll have news to share in January. 

Samsung’s reservation page, which was spotted earlier by XDA Developers, lets you enter information like name, email and phone number to text when preorders open for its next Galaxy phone. You can’t actually preorder any phones from the rumored Galaxy S21 lineup yet, but you can snag a place in the preorder line and can get an estimate if you plan to trade in a phone. Samsung is also offering a $50 credit toward accessories for people who make reservations (plus an additional $10 credit if you do the process through the Shop Samsung app).

The company is expected to reveal three new Galaxy S21 phones next month, and they could launch as early as Jan. 14. The three models — the S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra — are expected to look largely the same but have bigger camera modules, boosting their photo and video capabilities. The phones are also rumored to sport a new Snapdragon 888 processor, which could offer up faster 5G performance and extended battery life.

Samsung may also discontinue its Galaxy Note line this year and replace it with S Pen support on its Galaxy S21 Ultra. 

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