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Save 10% on the dongle that upscales Nintendo Switch games to better-than-HD graphics

Save 10% on the dongle that upscales Nintendo Switch games to better-than-HD graphics


The mClassic dongle can improve the graphics in certain console games, most notably lower-resolution Switch titles. (Better-looking Legend of Zelda, anyone?)


Do you own a Nintendo Switch or an older game console like the original Xbox or a PlayStation 3? There’s a piece of hardware you might want to consider adding: the Marseille mClassic. It’s a plug-in dongle that promises to upgrade game graphics in various ways, not the least of which is upscaling Switch games to 1440p resolution. Does it work? Yes, but with certain limitations. Intrigued? From now through the end of the month you can get the Marseille mClassic for $89. That’s 10% off the regular price.

The mClassic plugs into your console’s HDMI output (and not your TV’s HDMI input, which I learned the hard way), either directly or using an included extension cable. The latter makes it a bit easier to access the dongle’s three-way switch, which toggles between off, regular processing and “retro” mode. Retro mode forces games into a 4:3 aspect ratio, helpful if you’re using it with older consoles that would normally result in an abnormally stretched image on your newer TV.

CNET hasn’t reviewed the mClassic, and I’m not much of a console gamer, so it’s hard for me to judge how well it works. However, I loaned a review sample to a neighbor who owns a Switch; he said he noticed some improvement in some games (most notably The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild), but found the differences negligible in others.

That jibes with reviews I’ve read elsewhere, though many of those were more effusive about the mClassic’s ease of use and anti-aliasing capabilities, which smooth out the jagged edges in lower-resolution games. And over 450 Amazon reviewers collectively rated the device 4.4 stars.

My advice: Read the reviews for yourself and see how the mClassic will fare with your favorite consoles and games. By most accounts, it really can make a difference — though you’ll have to decide if that difference is worth $89. At least it won’t cost you $99.

This article was published previously. It has been updated with the latest version of this deal. 

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