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Signed, sealed and safely delivered: The best Valentine’s Day treats to order online

Signed, sealed and safely delivered: The best Valentine’s Day treats to order online

Mail-order gifts for Valentine’s Day make a whole lot of sense this year: Ordering those treats online means you’ll not only avoid a trip to the store but your edible gift options expand exponentially. Thanks to the net, you can snag some of the best sweet and savory treats from independent bakeries, chocolatiers and food purveyors near and far, all without leaving the house. Whether your sweetheart has a sweet tooth or prefers snacks of the savory sort, there’s a little something for everyone on our list. We verified and everything is in stock and can be shipped nationwide by Valentine’s Day, so no matter where your special someone (or best friend — or mom!) lives, you can safely send them something delicious for Feb. 14.



We’ve combed the web for a wide-ranging list of sweets and treats that includes heart-shaped cheesecake, chocolates, cookies, cakes and even Rice Krispies treats. Plus, some savory options like lobster pie, fancy French cheese and Valentine’s Day-inspired beef jerky. Near or far, you will definitely find something that your honey will love almost as much as they love you. 

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Yes, we’re kicking things off with a $49 doughnut — but what a doughnut! It’s big enough to serve four (as it clocks in at about a pound), it’s covered in chocolate icing and Valentine’s Day decorations, and it comes from Angel Food Bakery, which won The Food Network’s Donut Showdown. If you have (or want) an even bigger heart, check out its Jumbo Donut Cake. Or, send a sweet message with its mini XOXO Valentine’s Donuts.

Levain Bakery

This just might be the best cookie in the world. No, really. The inside is doughy and delicious, and the outside is crispy and perfect. There’s a reason New Yorkers wait in line for them but you can skip the lines because Levain sells and ships online too. The boxed assortment is available for shipping and comes with one of each of its chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookies. Don’t worry, you can also order a box of one specific cookie. They’re all excellent but the classic chocolate chip and chocolate peanut butter are all-time favorites.


Looking for something a little more thematic? These adorably petite, heart-shaped vanilla-almond sugar cookies from Montana bakery Elle’s Belles are topped with cream cheese frosting in white, pink and red, with sugar sparkles for the perfect finishing touch.


If you’re more into grand gestures, look no farther than this massive five-pound cookie — also shaped like a heart, of course. It’s studded with chocolate chips and caramel bits, topped with flaky sea salt, and is crisp yet chewy to please even the most discerning cookie lovers.


If you’d like to send a literal as well as figurative message of your adoration, this sweet and salty chocolate chip caramel cookie (which, while not quite a five-pounder, is still plenty big at 8 inches across), is just the thing — and way better than tiny conversation hearts. Choose from eight different inscriptions, including “Let’s Get a Dog,” “I <3 You” and “Not Sharing” in case you’re simply treating yourself.


Show your sweetie pie you care with an actual pie — this one is a gooey red velvet chess pie in a flaky crust. It serves eight to 10 people, but you can always eat your hearts out on Valentine’s Day, then finish the rest for breakfast the next morning.


For those who prefer savory pies, Chicago pizza legend Lou Malnati’s offers a heart-shaped deep dish pie made from scratch and shipped frozen, so all you have to do is bake and serve (with love). Better yet, it’s available in a two-pack along with a heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie — also deep dish — for dessert.

Milk Bar

Cakes for a couple! New York City’s beloved Milk Bar is a local legend and the fun and quirky operation known for its wild takes on classic bakes has a Valentine’s Day menu to match. We love this red velvet duo ($52) that includes a mini red velvet cake and matching cake truffles.


Elevate your classic box of chocolates with this New York City favorite. The signature selection includes a range of flavors and fillings, from caramels to wine- and tea-infused truffles. (Check out our chocolate gift guide for even more great picks in a range of prices for every budget.)

Harry & David

Ruby chocolate made its debut in 2017, but it’s still not as readily available as your standard milk and semisweet. Still, it’s particularly perfect for the sweetest of holidays, thanks to its naturally pink color. These truffles showcase that rosy hue and ruby cacao’s fruity flavor — but you can also buy heart- and rose-shaped ruby chocolates with lemon-raspberry filling and marionberry caramel.

Bang Candy Co.

Bang Candy Company is a Nashville favorite known for its marshmallows, as well as its flavored syrups that are perfect for mixed drinks. Its Love Bites are the ideal Valentine’s Day treat. The delectable bites contain dried cherries, popping candy, smoked sea salt and Belgian milk and dark chocolate mixed with puffed rice cereal.


Made famous for its cupcakes by Sex and the City, Magnolia Bakery is also justly renowned for its luscious banana pudding (which got its due on Broad City). This Goldbelly pack includes six tubs of the world famous pudding — enough to make 10 people very happy or one person very happy 10 times.


Roses are also red, of course, but if flowers feel too expected (or you just have a sweetie with a sweet tooth who’d prefer something edible), this stunning cake is sure to impress. The outside is piped with lush red roses of buttercream frosting, but inside it’s incredibly rich chocolate cake with dark chocolate cream cheese frosting.

Murray’s Cheese

Brie still, their beating heart. Nobody does romance like the French and this decadent collection is about as close as you can get to a French cheese and charcuterie plate, with beautiful comte and roquefort, plus cherry confit, olives and rich jambon. Add crackers and wine for a romantic indoor picnic, or send it to a long-distance love who appreciates all things cheesy.


Who doesn’t love a Rice Krispie treat? These little babies from Treat House are the perfect bite size so that your honey can savor them all or share them with you. For Valentine’s Day, the brand has even created a super sampler, which includes 24 Valentine’s-themed Rice Krispie treats, two strawberry shortcake bars and three Valentine’s Rice Krispie doughnuts.

Junior’s Cheesecake

If your loved one is crushing on cheesecake, then Junior’s is the way to go. Known in New York City, the restaurant ships nationwide and is currently featuring a delicious white chocolate strawberry cheesecake for Valentine’s Day. The heart-shaped cake is blended with premium white chocolate, swirled with fresh strawberry puree and topped with chocolate mousse.


For the valentine with a savory tooth (not to mention expensive taste), this duo of decadent little lobster pot pies is perfect. Crowned with puff pastry and heart-shaped decorations, they’re an ideal centerpiece to a romantic dinner at home.

Man Crates

If something meatier is in order, this heart-shaped box of jerky (10 pieces total) in flavors like whiskey maple and sesame ginger will give them something to chew on. Don’t let the manly marketing copy put you off if you have a female Ron Swanson in your life — but if you prefer to play on the tried-and-true flower arrangement, you can also order a salami bouquet instead.

This story was originally written by Brittany Loggins for Chowhound.

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