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The best products for sleeping in the winter: Heated blankets, lots of flannel and more

The best products for sleeping in the winter: Heated blankets, lots of flannel and more

It’s the depths of winter and that means temperatures are dropping fast as we move into the coldest months of the year. While you can’t control the temperature around you, you can turn your bed into the coziest, warmest place on Earth. OK, so maybe that title belongs to Death Valley, but if you’re looking for a way to turn up the heat — and the snuggle factor — in your bedroom, these are the best products for sleeping in the winter.

Some of them are for your bed, some of them are for you (fleece pajamas, anyone?) and some of them are to control the air temperature so you don’t have to unnecessarily blast the heat all night. Choose a few, or snag them all, to help you stay warm this winter. But fair warning: You’ll probably never want to leave your bed again. Thank goodness for Zoom virtual backgrounds.

The Company Store

This 100% premium down comforter from The Company Store is the ultimate for winter warmth and comfort. The extra warmth option (it also comes in light and medium weight for warmer months) has a 650 fill power and is made from ethically sourced, certified European down. It has a baffle box construction that not only looks beautiful on your bed, it also ensures that the stuffing stays in place, so you don’t have to worry about it shifting to one side as you move.

With its finished top stitch, you can use it as a top comforter, but it also has loops on each corner if you prefer to attach it to a duvet cover. And unlike other down comforters that are only available in white, it comes in four other neutral colors — ivory, alabaster, cloud blue and gray — so you can find something that fits your bedroom aesthetic.

L.L. Bean

Nothing warms up a bed faster than real flannel sheets underneath your down comforter and this set from L.L. Bean takes the cake. The sheets are made from 100% certified organic cotton flannel and brushed on both sides, so not only do they start out super soft, they get softer with every wash.

The sheets come in three basic colors — white, light blue and heathered gray — or you can choose a subtle print or striped sheets. This set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillow cases (the twin set only has one), but you can also purchase two-packs of the pillow cases separately. 

L.L. Bean

A heated blanket provides instant warmth, but there are so many options out there that look good on the surface but aren’t built to last. Enter the Wicked Cozy Heated Blanket from L.L. Bean. This heated blanket has an insulated layer sandwiched between an ultra plush top and velvet bottom that feel soft to the touch, but are also designed to distribute some serious heat. It also has patented technology that ensures there’s an even temperature throughout, without any spots that are extra hot or too cold.

It’s definitely an up-front investment, but it will likely last years and if it doesn’t, L.L. Bean will work with you to replace it if it fails due to manufacturer defects.


Heated blankets are the go-to for electrical heat, but this heated mattress pad from Beautyrest brings cozy up a notch. It has 20 different heat settings and dual controllers that allow you to adjust each side to different temperatures. It also has a preheat function and a 10-hour automatic shutoff feature that ensures the mattress pad won’t overheat.

And it’s made from 100% cotton, so not only does it keep you cozy, it’s also soft and breathable, which means you stay warm without overheating. Plus, it’s totally machine washable (just make sure you remove the controllers first).

Parachute Home

If a heated mattress pad is a little too much for you, this Wool Mattress Topper from Parachute is the perfect middle ground. Not only does it help retain heat, the 100% virgin American wool cradles your pressure points and adds some extra support to your mattress, so your body stays aligned while you feel comfy and toasty. 

It’s also breathable and moisture-wicking, so while it keeps warm, you don’t get too hot and wake up sweaty and uncomfortable.


Layering your bedding is the key to staying warm while you’re sleeping in the winter and this Holborn Wool Throw from Charlton Home is the coziest final touch. It does a good job on its own, but when you put it on top of a down comforter, it adds extra insulation that traps in serious heat. The blanket combines natural wool and acrylic yarn so it helps keep you warm, but is also soft, comfortable and extremely durable.

It comes in four classic colors — platinum, beige, navy blue and cream — and has a classic cable knit finish that looks stylish and high-end on your bed. 


Turning your bed into a cozy haven is one of the best ways to stay warm while you’re sleeping, but if you want to raise your room temperature without heating the whole house all night, the Dyson Hot and Cool is the perfect way to do it. It has a powerful fan heater and an intelligent thermostat that monitors the room and automatically adjusts to your desired room temperature, so you don’t overheat (or waste energy). And there are no exposed heating elements, so you don’t have to worry about your kids or pets bumping into it.

While it’s pricier than other space heaters out there, it doubles as a fan too. That means, rather than storing it away and lugging up a fan in its place once the weather starts to warm up, you can simply switch from heating to cooling.

L.L. Bean

When it comes to staying warm while you sleep, what you’re wearing matters as much as your bedding. Made with the same 100% brushed cotton as the sheets, these L.L. Bean Scotch Flannel Pajamas are among the warmest pajamas out there. Not only are they exceptionally soft, they’re also the perfect weight to help keep you warm without trapping in too much heat, especially when you slide in under your bedding layers.

With different plaid options to choose from and a loose, relaxed fit, they also have a classic flannel vibe that’s hard not to love.

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