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US Space Force Guardians of the Galaxy jokes and memes blast off

US Space Force Guardians of the Galaxy jokes and memes blast off


Now there are two groups of people who can call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Disney Plus

The members of the US Space Force will be known as “guardians,” Vice President Mike Pence announced on Friday at a first-year birthday celebration for the newest military branch. “Soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and guardians will be defending our nation for generations to come,” Pence said.

Hmm… where have we heard of a group of space warriors known as the guardians before? There’s got to be another bunch of characters going by that name, right? Maybe one with a tree and somebody who looks a lot like a raccoon? Yeah, we’ll remember eventually.

Cast and crew reactions

The guardians of internet memes and jokes were ready with an armed response, with two of the people behind Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy films among the earliest to speak up.

“Can we sue this dork?” wrote Guardians of the Galaxy movie director James Gunn.

Actress Pom Klementieff, who plays Mantis in the Guardians films, suggested she utilize her character’s powers, writing, “Maybe I can make them all sleep?”

Marvel fans aren’t fans of the choice

 Regular Guardians of the Galaxy fans also had thoughts.

“They’ll be the Guardians of the Galaxy?” wrote one Twitter user. “Apparently this name was thought up by Dr. Evil.”

Said another, “Okay. But then they need to grant flag officer rank to at least one raccoon.”

Rank and file

Some social-media users had Guardians of the Galaxy-related rank ideas for the Space Force.

“I predict newbies will be called groots,” said one Twitter user. Another played off the idea of military recruits and suggested “re-groots.”

Under his eye

But Marvel’s bunch of misfits aren’t the only group already using the “guardians” name. The armed guards in The Handmaid’s Tale also use it.

“It’s literally what the theocracy thugs are called in ‘A Handmaid’s Tale,'” wrote one Twitter user.

It is their Destiny

The term “guardians” is also used for player characters in the Destiny video games, and that didn’t escape social-media notice, either.

“Mike Pence might also play too much Destiny,” wrote one Twitter user.

Bring on 2021

And one Twitter user thought the newly named Space Force guardians had better be prepped for an end to this unpredictable and bizarre year, writing, “Watch aliens invade on New Year’s Eve just to cap off 2020.”

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