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Watch Wonder Woman 1984’s nostalgic opening scene

Watch Wonder Woman 1984’s nostalgic opening scene


Small but mighty. 

Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Pictures

It’s back to Themyscira in the opening scene of blockbuster Wonder Woman 1984.

Though the hotly anticipated sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman doesn’t come out until Dec. 16 in the UK, and later in the month in the US and Australia, fans got a look at the opening scene, thanks to a tweet Tuesday. 

In the short video, Diana, in voiceover, talks about her childhood on the island and viewers see her running through the woods as a little girl, toward a large colosseum where she’s about to compete in physical challenges with grown Amazons.

“Remember, greatness is not what you think,” Robin Wright’s general of the Amazons, Antiope, tells her. 

Wonder Woman 1984 is available in theaters and on HBO Max, Dec. 25.

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