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Where to buy the Nintendo Switch Mario Kart bundle: Check inventory on Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart

Where to buy the Nintendo Switch Mario Kart bundle: Check inventory on Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart

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The clock is ticking, and you’ve got less than 20 shopping days until Christmas. If your goal is to purchase the Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Bundle, you’re going to have a hard time finding it in stock at its normal retail price of $300, but it’s not impossible. We know, because at least one person at CNET was able to snag the gaming bundle deal at Amazon, and we also saw it in stock at Walmart — yes, only briefly. It’s out of stock everywhere as of Sunday morning, but we’re keeping track of inventory and will be updating as more stock arrives. 

For starters, let’s talk about what you get in the box with the new $300 Switch Mario Kart bundle:

In other words, you’re getting the same great hardware that can connect to a TV or be played in your hands, with some free games thrown in. Even if you’re brand-new to the Switch, you can grab a Joy-Con controller and jump into a Kart race right out of the box. Then, because much of the Switch library is digital, you can download a digital version of any game your heart desires.  



The bundle became “available” at most major retailers — Amazon, Target, Best Buy and GameStop — on Sunday, Nov. 22. But it immediately went out of stock everywhere (at least online), and will likely continue to be so. (We say it’s “out of stock” if you can’t get this Nintendo console bundle at the normal $300 price; there are plenty of third-party resellers happy to sell it to you for hundreds more.) To that end, we’re also keeping tabs on the inventory on the “regular” Nintendo Switch — same exact hardware, but no bundled digital codes (scroll down). And keep in mind that we’ve recently seen Switch games drop to as low as $15 to $30, so you could put together a nice gift bundle of your own.  

Check the links here to see if the bundle is in stock at major vendors. But be warned: If you spot it, you’ll want to act fast — we saw stock sell out at Amazon and Walmart within minutes. Right now, there’s no indication of any scheduled inventory drops from retailers, but we’ll keep updating this page with any news about this Nintendo Switch bundle.

Note that there’s also another new Nintendo switch bundle selling for $299 that includes the console, a case and a 12-month free subscription to Nintendo Online. Not as exciting as free Mario Kart, but at least it’s available. You can also get your hands on a Nintendo Switch bundle, with a Fortnite-themed console and a few thousand V-Bucks thrown in. 

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Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Bundle

As mentioned above, we last saw online inventory briefly at Walmart — once on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and again the Sunday after. 

Best Buy had the bundle as of the morning of Nov. 22, but it immediately went out of stock.

At least one CNET staffer was able to nab the Switch from Amazon on Black Friday proper. When it’s not in stock, you’ll see higher prices from third-party resellers.

GameStop has a product page for the bundle, but we haven’t seen it in stock there.

Yep, Target has a page for it too. You may have better luck with curbside pickup if your local store has it in stock.

Nintendo Switch consoles (not the Mario Kart bundle)

These come with the same Switch hardware, but without the bundled digital codes in the versions above. The Switch is available with red and blue controllers, gray controllers or in an Animal Crossing edition (a design based on the game, but without that title included).


Best Buy


What’s a good price for the Switch?

The Mario Kart bundle is the best deal on the Switch. Otherwise, you should consider yourself lucky if you find it at its normal list price of $299. With bundles and used consoles selling for $400 or more, paying “only” the suggested retail price is a win on this product. The Switch Lite is $199 — and somewhat easier to find — but that model can’t be connected to a TV for big-screen gaming.

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